Wreck Of The Northfleet; Or, Father Put Me In The Boat

First line: 'The Good ship Northfleet at anchor lay'. Concentrates on the plight of a single child.



THE good Ship " NORTHFLEET" at anchor lay
Having on board five hundred precious lives,
Bound for a distant land, strong men were they,
And tiny stars shone o'er them bright and gay.
Their little ones and wives.


The" NORTHFLEET'S" lights were burning bright,
And so her crew were free from blame,
When against her on that fatal night,
Aft iron steamer crashing came;
The water rushed in, fierce and wild,
The boats were quickly got afloat,
And on the deck a little child,
Cried, "Father, put me in the boat."

Chorus : "Oh ! do not leave me here to die,
                    Dear father, put me in the boat,"
                    And on the deck a little child,
                    Cried, "Father put me in the boat."

Rough men were fighting for their lives,
And thinking of themselves alone,
Alas ! their little ones, and wives,
Could only pray, and weep, and moan;
And when they felt that they must die,
And hope of life seem'd most remote,
Above the screams arose that cry,
"Oh, father, put me in the boat."

The mother of the child, beside
Two sisters were on hoard that night,
Alas! in vain the father tried,
To save them in their plight ;
The scene of hundreds struggling there,
Was awful the survivors wrote,
And in their ears still rang the prayer,
"Oh, father, put me in the boat."

Although the child was brought to shore,
Her parents, and her sisters sleep,
Together with three hundred more,
Within the bosom of the deep;
In years to come, long may that child,
His mercy, and His goodness note,
Who heard her on that night so wild,
Cry, "Father, put me iu the boat."