Come listen all you feeling people,
With dreadful news I do relate,
An emigrant ship, it was the Northfieet,
Alas! has met a wretched fate
Four hundred souls there were on board her,
lay anchor'd off at Dungeness,
Bound for Australia was the vessel,
To bid good-bye with fond caress

Chorus. God help the orphans and the widows,
                   Comfort them where'er they be ;
                   And heaven above us, all preserve us,
                   From the dangers of the sea.

A foreign steamer, so it happened,
Fast sailing with the Channel tide,
Came down upon the anchor'd vessel,
And crash went in her timber side. o
Away it went the cruel steamer,
Nor stopped to see the wreck it made,
Inhuman wretches, void of pity,
They would not 'stop to give them aid.

Who can describe the fright and terror,
Abroad a sinking ship at sea,
Women scream'd & strong men trembled,
It was a sight of misery.
Launch out the boats, the captain cried,
The women first staid (sic) back the men,
They heeded not, but madly rushing,
Threatened the boats to overwhelm:

The captain he could see the danger,
And loud he cried to stop the crush,
I'll shoot the first who disobeys me,
Some reckless ones alas, did rush.
The captain fired, the shot was fatal,
And one poor wretch fell lifeless there,
The men stood kick upon the vessel,
And looked around in sad despair

Now when the vessel was fast sinking,
And each one longed to save his life,
The gallant captain stood embracing.,
His young and lately married wife;
Oh. let me die with you, my husband,
Oh no, dear wife, that cannot
Take care of her he told his boatswain,
When your poor captain's drown'd at sea

An emigrant ship bound for Australia,
And upwards of four hundred lives,
Scarce ninety souls were saved from drowning,
God help the children and the wives,
How many eyes there will be weeping,
And aching hearts both far and near,
Then silent pray for those departed,
And shed for them a feeling tear.