Wreck Of The Manchester Express At Wellingborough

Story of the crash.


All right ?" "yes" let her go "six forty-five"
The whistle Ah she starts the signal's clear
Good-byes are spoken, midst the busy throng
And friends whisper, adieu, to those most dear

The lover bids adieu with tearful eye
And mothers speak farewell with sorrowing heart
And those who seek their friends so far away
With brightest prospects anxiously depart

Stately she glides along the glittering rail
Over the points and through the tunnel dark
She leaves the gay-lit city's awful din
And presses forward to her distant mark

Full steam ahead! All right! the line is clear
The gallant driver drives his fleetest steed
As many a time before the mates have done
And "Jack" stands by his mate, a friend indeed

Ah many a time together they have run
The Manchester express without a fear
Brave fellows they midst danger have they toiled
Nor little did they think of danger near

Through cuttings deep along embankments high
Whirling along they watch each signal light
Midst roar, and hissing steam they fiercely fly
Alert to duty - nought escapes their site

The noble train bears on her freight of souls
Some scan the news while others lightly sleep
Some talk of friends and prospects on before
But friends behind - alas! so soon to weep

But se red light ahead - a waving light
There's danger jack, there's awful danger near
One chance put on the brake and use the sand
The driver shuts the steam with trembling fear

It's all up jack I see it on the line
Good-bye lad then a jerk an awful smash
The engine hurls the obstacle along
Over the points it thunders with a crash

Louder the crash; and like a fiery fiend
The engine leaps the metals with a boom
Onward they go into the jaws of death
Onward, a moment later, certain doom

One moment more and then the final plunge
The Manchester express; oh! Dreadful sight
The shrieks and groans that agonise the air
Will never be forgot that awful night

Amongst the dying and the dead there lay
The driver Ted and Jack the stoker true
And mingling with the blazing wreck were strewn
The suffering injured and the lifeless few

Oh! God in pity look on those who mourn
To those who suffer, send thy healing leaven
And those who ne'er will meet on earth again
Grant gracious lord, that they may meet in heaven