Wreck of the Comet Steam Boat

DARKNESS is on the wave-
The sea heaves sluggishly-
The winds are in their cave,
Slumbering silently :
Dun is the seaman's track,
Uncheered by starry glow ;
And all above is black-
And lightless all below.

Two ships are on the sea-
No need of wind have they
To speed them rapidly
Forth on their watery way.
Like creatures of the deep
They ply their forward course,
Breaking old Ocean's sleep
With heavy sounds and hoarse.

Look through the darkling veil
Night hangs upon the wave-
Death's own eternal pale-
The universal grave !-
Mark you tall bark-the din
Of life that is about her-
Love, hope, and mirth are in,
And ruin is without her.

Youth is slumbering there,
And Age-as beautiful-
Hushed is the heart of care-
Beauty's love looks are dull-
Here young Hope's honey breath
The waking lover quaffs-
And yonder see where Death
Sits on the wave and laughs.

The vessels near!-they ply-
They meet !-that fate hath caught her:
A sudden crash !-a cry !-
A wail above the water-
A hiss of quenching flame-
A rush of billows on her-
The hungry waves are tame-
The sea is smooth upon her.

A voice is on the deep-
Hoarse are the whirlwind's lungs-
The sea starts from her sleep,
And lifts her billowy tongues-
A sorrow for the dead !-
Friend-countryman-and stranger-
And a curse for him who fled
His fellow-men in danger!