Why I Joined the A.S.R.S

A rallying cry for the union encouraging non-members to join. Likens the union to a ship and its members to the crew.

COMPETITION. [Note 577.1]
The following have been awarded prizes in this week's competition, and 5s has been sent to the authors :— [Note 577.2]

Ready for sea the good ship lies,
The captain waits the crew.
Non-unionists, oh, come ! he cries,
And to yourself be true.
Right gallantly she'll skim the wave,
The banner floating high ;
And he who'd sail not counts a knave,
Fit but a slave to die

Our object's to emancipate
All those in bondage ground ;
Our mission's grand and good and great,
We'd scatter joy around.
Then, why in mists of doubt ye stay ?
Why play the coward's part ?
Stand valiantly amid the fray,
And show a hero's heart.

Oh, ye ! so callous, heartless, base,
Who play the traitor's role!
Oh, ye to manhood a disgrace,
Abject, and mean of soul !
Arise ! arise ! ye truant crew,
And take the hurrying gale ;
Stand with the mariners brave and true,
And then ye cannot fail

Out in the distance, dim and grey,
A glorious day doth dawn.
Proud Labour's sons in war array
Doth slay the devil's spawn.
The oppressor's hand, deep-steeped in blood,
For blood now victims prey,
And Capitalism's gory flood
Is food for dogs this day !