Watching The Trains Go Out

Country bumpkin has delusions of being a fast liver.


I live in a village called Slopton-On-Mud
And I'm the dare devil that's up to no good
There's only two houses a field and a lane
But I lead a very fast life all the same
I kick up the devil, I paint the town red
I've gone to the dogs through the life that I've led
I must have excitement, I must make a show,
So every night down to the station I go
     Watching the trains go out
     Watching the trains go out
     I'm such a wild sort of a devil may care
     Worse than the chaps up in Leicester Square
     Slapping my leg with my cane
     Letting them know I'm about
     I'm only a lad but I'll finish up bad
     Through watching the trains go out.

You'll often see me when I'm out for the day
Shouting a cab and then running away
That shows I'm a dare-devil though I'll agree
These desperate things are all telling on me
They try to reform me, that give me the spike
You know what these medical students are like
I must play the game, for results I don't care
I mean to be Jolly that's why I stand there
     Watching the trains go out
     Watching the trains go out
     Swinging my walking stick in my hand
     Just like the Johnnies do up in the strand
     Wearing my hat on the side
     Standing there, ruined no doubt
     You can ask all the guards, it's not women or cards
     It's through watching the trains go out.

Now once in the waiting room I threw a tin
It's marvellous how fast a life can begin
Then rushed to the water pump making things worse
Drank two cups of water and that was my curse
What care I for ruin, what care I for strife?
I mean to continue this terrible life
Through being so full of those gay London ways
Its brought me to ruin yet I'll end my days
     Watching the trains go out
     Watching the trains go out
     Shouting Hi Hi to the folks I meet
     Same as the toffs do in Regent Street
     Using bad words now and then
     Swearing when mother's about
     But father says Paul I don't blame you at all
     Its through watching the trains go out.