If we'd but only look ahead in journeying through life
What accidents by flood and fire 'twould save us in the strife
The railway has its signal lights and so in life have we
They only want attention and no danger there would be

Chorus: For the white light, all right, go ahead in safety
               The green light, seen right, will caution us in time
               But the red light shown bright, brings us up right hasty
               For when they show red we know there's danger on the line

For instance look at courtship now, a road you'd think well known.
The warnings placed along the line are pretty plainly shown.
But folks rush past the junction with a blindness to their fate
Ne'er stopping till they're past the points and then, of course, too late.

For matrimonial signals we haven't far to gaze
The warnings are in plenty shown and strike us with amaze.
The safety light along this branch, I'm sorry seldom shows
So look well to your coupling boys, ere each the journey goes.

Then push along through life my boys but heed well what I say.
Don't pass or snub the cautions that you meet along the way.
And if you safely reach the end just keep yourself wake
And when you find there's something wrong then quickly ply the brake.