Washerwoman's Lament

A washer woman laments the loss of her business to the Steam Washing Company. 


ADIEU ! my weekly wash, adieu!
A weeping heat thy loss bewails;
Perhaps I never more may view
Thy stiffen'd collars, draggled tails;
No, thou art fled-my only hope,
Thy smoke and dirt are lost to me;
Adieu to pearlash, farewell soap, [Note 558.1]
Oh, base Steam Washing Company !  [Note 558.2]
Adieu, my weekly wash, &c.

No more I'll be a laundress gay,
And get a lunch and cheerful sup, [Note 558.3]
Or rub for half-a-crown(2) a day [Note 558.4]
My broken bits, my snuff's knocked up. [Note 558.5]
No more with jokes the hours I'll cheer,
Fled, fled 's my darling cup of tea,
For Fate has taken all, oh dear,
To the Steam Washing Company
Adieu, my weekly wash, &c.

Oh, how I wish there ne'er was smoke, [Note 558.6]
And I should then not live on air;
I'd keep my tub, I'd crack my joke,
And in my boils, I'd drown despair. [Note 558.7]
For Fortune looks just like stone blue,
And poverty is wringing me, [Note 558.8]
But every joy has left my view
For thee-Steam Washing Company
Adieu, my weekly wash, &c.

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