Sunday Working at Cheltenham

A complaint about the demands on the engineering staff to work long hours. 

Down Cheltenham, they say, [Note 570.1]
The Father has his way   [Note 570.2] 
The packers they must work  [Note 570.3] 
On Sundays like a Turk,
Instead of like a Christian, who prefers a holiday.

When the men desire a rest,
And don their Sunday best—
When they don't, that is to say—
Turn out on the Sabbath Day,
Then the Father gives them Monday, too, to make them extra blest.

'Tis but a week or so,
Since three of them had a blow.
And when on Monday morn
He sent them home with scorn—
They said, "Let's have our money, and we'll go, go, go "

And go they did. Not to the Mission Hall, of course, but to where better wages and kinder treatment were to be found.