Steam Ferry

Presents the arguments for and against the introduction of a steam ferry. [647Synopsis]

A lang while ago wor Shiels gentlemen,
Mair loyal than wome I knaw there are nyen,
They thowt ov a project, a project so fine,
Ne less than a tunnel thro' under the 'Tyne. [Note 647.1]
And its hey derry down, and its hey down derry,
And its up wiv wor Shiels when we get a Steam Ferry. [Note 647.2]

But bi' sum means or other the tunnel ne'er tyuk.
Perhaps not approv'd by Northumbria's Dyuk ; [Note 647.3]
And if ony revive it, O they must be cunnin;
Di' they want to drown huz. az th' cheps were at Lunun ,
And its hey, etc.

Then, a short while ago, sum cheps tyuk the pains
To describe and to praise a brig hung in chains ;
Subscriptions were open'd, but all this waz fudge,
And how hopeless the project an idyit may, judge. [Note 647.4]
And its hey, etc.

A chain-brig across the Tyne, O wat a rare seet,
Cud we walk owr th' watter, and ne'er wet wor feet !
But I fear that before the brig-chain they fix,
A vizzit we'll pay to the boatman ov Styx ! [Note 647.5]
And its hey, etc.

But the chain, brig mud tunnel are byeth gyen to pot,
And as Will Martin says, "they never were not , [Note 647.6]
Our Shiel, folk all thowts ov the chain-brig bury,
For now all their talk iz aboot a Steam Ferry.
And its hey, etc.

O we her steam packets that buffet the wyev,
And we hev steam horses, and steam soup, we hev ;  [Note 647.7]
In St Steven's house we've steam speeches merry,  [Note 647.8]
And now we can't rest wivout a Steam Ferry.
And its hey etc.

"Then away to St Steven's, and get a Steam Act, [Note 647.9]
Which shure ye can't miss if the project be back'd ;
Tho' oppoz'd az it iz by the president Harry,
Ne Woodruffe shall hinder uz ov a Steam Ferry !
And its hey, etc.

Only lyuk at wor way ov crossing the river,
And say, is it sayef? - O never ! O never!
How monny in crossing does th' watter bury, [Note 647.10]
Aand wat can Shiels de wivout a Steam Ferry?,
And its hey, etc.

How ofen wen bis'ness does urge their departure,,
Hey we seen people stand at the edge ov th' watter:
The wind being high, no boat wad them carry ;
But we ne'er need delay, if we a had Steam Ferry. [Note 647.11]
And its hey, etc.

And wat says Hal Woodruffe agyen this nice plan?
He says, "The Tyne seamen wor nevvy do man,
"And after their best days their country has got,
"To be a poor sculler is ov monny the lot. [Note 647.12]
And its hey etc.

And if the Steam Ferry do yence get begun,
"Ne mair call for scullers that's clear az the sun:
"Thus thrown on the townships them poor men you'll see,
"And that an increase ov the poor-rate will be, [Note 647.13]
And its hoy, etc.

That this true in part iz, we cannot deny ;
But to Harry Woodruffe we may thus reply:-
Wy for syck ov a few spoil a project se merry?
In spite ov thy teeth, Hal, well hev a Steam Ferry!
And its hey derry down, and its hey down derry,
In spite ov Hal Woodruffe well hev a Steam Ferry.

Well hev a Steam Ferry, and then iv a crack(1)
A horse may cross Tyne wiv a man on hiz back;
A coach wiv four horses, and waggons wiv nine,
Wivout lowzing a horse may sail cross the Tyne!
And its hey, etc.

Success to this project; success to my stryen,
Come, buy up my song, ye shall hear me agyen; [Note 647.14]
The boats we shall want, we'll call Tom and Jerry, [Note 647.15]
And we'll still hev scullers although a Steam Ferry.
And its hey derry down, and its hey down derry,
And we'll still hev scullers altho' a Steam Ferry.