Steam Cigar


A song I'll sing - a reg'lar joker
Of a man - terrible smoker
He smoked away from night till morn
'Tis said he smoked as soon as born
Ri too ral

He tried Havana - Cuba too
He tried tobacco - none would do
To please him, none of them did seem
So he had a cigar to smoke by steam

He lit a cigar and puffed the smoke
With such force that it a window broke
And then the heat it was so strong
He burnt the folks as he walked along

It burned away to his heart's desire
Some people thought the world on fire
And if he went out when it chanced to rain
His lighted cigar dried it up again

When into a room his nose he pokes
They all cry out 'the chimney smokes'
And then his cigar makes such a smell
That people declare its just like hell

'Tis said in London and its no joke
'Tis him that makes us in such a smoke
when of a night he's seen from afar
He's taken by all for the evening star

One day when on the monument top
Folks thought him a comet just going to drop
And some saw from afar the sight
And thought it was the heavens alight

He smoked away to his heart's desire
Till death appears and quenches his fire
He put out his cigar for a bit of a lark
And then at once extinguished the spark