Unfortunate Victims Scalded to Death on Times Steam Boat

You feeling hearted Christians of every degree,
I pray pay attention and listen to me,
Numbers from Ireland are sailing each day,
Not knowing the danger attends on the sea.

But what can they do here at home they cannot stay
By cruel oppression there (sic) forced now away;
Like poor exiles banished from our saintly vale,
To the land of the stranger from poor Granu Waile

Tn (sic) the 2nd of June blew a sweet and pleasant gale,
Ohe (sic) Times on that evening from Dublin set sail,
Not thinking that the danger indeed was so near,
Straight for Liverpool then their course they did steer.

Would(sic) 300 souls on board I am told,
Men women and children was their(sic) young and old
Chiefly all Irish Emigrants but sad was their fate
To the free land of America they were going straight

For about 15 minutes they sailed without fear,
When the boiler bursted most shocking to hear
Then the boiling water most rapidly did gush,
Young and old to avoid it on each other they did rush.

Those that was near the boiler, alas suffer'd sore
In pieces the flesh off their bones was tore,
Your heat it would grieve in pity to see
Those creatures that evening in their agony.

At the Pidgeon house they met their sad fate,
Fifteen men and women was scalded to death,
But oh cruel tyranny you cause'd numbers to weep
As well as those present with cold death's days to sleep

Of the wild moaning depths that roll to and fro,
I would make it no wonder were the full long ago
Would the corpse of her children with justice assail
The foe that enslave you my poor Granuale.

But now in conclusion to those simple lines,
With the Angels above their souls may shine
Let this be your prayer one and all night and day,
The Lord may protect us all by night and [by day]