Song of the Railroads

Railroads bring people together but also help to separate them


While every age is crown'd with rhyme,
And song is ever young,
The bravest birth of later time
Must not remain unsung
A poet shall be born to us
For living men to hail
Dismounted from old Pegasus
To mount the fiery rail!

When speed and joy go hand in hand
And loves are side by side
We are the sunbeams of the land,
On which the angels glide
The husband to his anxious wife
The friend to friendly care
The lover to his life of life
On burning wings we bear

And oft as ships of ill ac-curst
That sail the solid earth
On sacred parting hours we burst
And mar the moment's mirth
The dearest and the longest lost
Pass by within a span
Yet know it not of little cost
We make the heart of man

With precious freight of hopes and fears
We sweep the fields of space,
Decreed to dry the deepest tears,
And dim the brightest face:
A few short nights writ over-night
Hundreds of miles are born,
And scatter sorrow or delight
Far, ere the morrow morn.

Our cry is onward, onward yet
Hard pace and little pause,-
We will not let the world forget
Her nature's motive laws:
Like her we hasten day by day,
Nor rest at any goal-
The sun himself has moved, they say,
Since planets round him roll.

And if, when like a net we lie,
O'er many a distant soil,
And glad the traveller's mind and eye
Without a traveller's toil,-
From mutual virtues understood
All scorn and hate shall flee,
What instruments of God and good
Be mightier than We?