Shop Windows or Amusements of London

Synopsis: A catalogue of advertising bills posted in London including the lines 'Steam boats to Margate at nine every day' and 'Next Monday, the Nore excursion by steam'

What an overgrown place is this London, oh dear?
Though half of it yet I have not seen, or near:
I read all the bills, as I pass in the throng, [Note 006.1]
And think I could work them up into a song.
I walked from Whitechapel Church up to Hyde Park. [Note 006.2]
In every shop window there's something to mark,
In every man who can walk up and down,
There's a fund of amusement in great London Town

This house and shop to be let upon lease;
Portraits taken at five shillings a-piece;
The whole of this stock selling under prime cost;
A child, three years old, was yesterday lost;
The last new novels that had such a run:
Messages taken, and porter's work done.
To every one, &c

Steam boats to Margate, at nine every day,
Mr. Jenkins removed to over the way:
School for young ladies - Shaving with care,
Mens' cotton stockings one shilling per pair,
Charity sermon on next Sabbath morn,
Hunt's matchless blacking - Fine roasted corn.
To every one, &c

Remarkable instance of swindling of late,
Second edition of last night's debate;
Lost by a poor man five pounds in a purse,
Children are taken in here to dry-nurse.
Mr. Price, Surgeon, the surgery bell,
Mangling done here - Straw bonnets clean'd well.
To every one, &c.

Catalogue of goods in the next two days' sale:
Real Epping sausages - Edinburgh ale;
Gentlemen's clothes here mended with care;
Wellington boots, fifteen shillings a pair; [Note 006.3]
Robbery last night, five guineas¹ reward;
A chaise¹ and a pony to be let, down the yard.
To every one, &c.

Coaches to all parts at quite reduced fares,
News from the Continent selling in shares;
White linen rags - the violin taught,
News just published - waste paper bought.
Lavender-water - books lent to read,
Havannah segars - white mustard seed.
To every one, &c

Next Monday, the Nore excursion by steam; [Note 006.4]
New water company, fine milk and cream; [Note 006.5]
To be let, unfurnish'd, a good second floor;
No connection at all with the tailor next door;
Jenks, licensed dealer in spirits and wine;
Ready made coffee - new shirts superfine.
To every one, &c

Twenty editions new songs Cherry Ripe, [Note 006.6]
Timothy Anderson dealer in tripe(1);
Silk Stockings grafted, bought, sold or exchanged,
Debts collected, account books fairly arranged.
Fine pickling vinegar - Bear's grease sold hear,
Charley Wright's champagne - good table beer.
To every one, &c.