Shillibeers Original Omnibus versus the Greenwich Railroad

Shillibeer's Original Omnibus versus the Greenwich Railroad

By Joint Stock company taken in hand
A rail-road from London to Greenwich is plann'd; [Note 378.1]
But they're sure to be beat, 'tis most certainly clear
Their rival has got the start - George Shillibeer [Note 378.2]

I will not for certainty vouch for the fact
But believe that he means to run over the Act
Which Parliament passed at the end of last year
Now mad null and void by the new Shillibeer

His elegant omnis, which now throng the road
Up and down every hour most constantly load
Across all the three bridges now gaily appear
The Original Omnibus - George Shillibeer [Note 378.8]

These pleasure and comfort with safety combine
They will neither blow up nor explode like a mine [Note 378.3]
Those who ride on the railroad might half die with fear
You can come to no harm in the safe Shillibeer

How exceedingly elegant fitted inside
With mahogany polished - soft cushions - beside
Bright brass ventilators at each end appear
The latest improvement in the new Shillibeer

Her no draughts of air cause a crick in the neck
Or huge bursting boiler blows all to a wreck
But as safe as at home, you from all danger steer
While you travel abroad in the gay Shillibeer

Then of the exterior, I safely may say
There never was yet any carriage more gay
While the round-tire wheels make it plainly appear[Note 378.4]
That there's none run so light as the smart Shillibeer

His conductors are famous for being polite
Obliging and civil, they always act right
For if just complaint only comes to his ear
They are not long conductors for George Shillibeer

It was meant that they all should wear dresses alike
But bad luck has prompted the tailors to strike [Note 378.5]
When they go to their work his men will appear
A la Francaise, conducteur, a Mons. Shillibeer [Note 378.6]

Unlike the conductors, by tailors oppressed
The horses have all in new harness been drest;
The cattle² are good, the men's orders are clear
Not to gallop or race - so says Shillibeer

That the beauties of Greenwich and Deptford might ride
In his elegant omni is the height of his pride -
So the plan for a railroad must soon disappear
While the public approve of the new Shillibeer