She Went Right Past Her Junction

An amorous encounter leading to a 'breach of promise' suit.


You've heard of girls that are very, very green² -
I know a girl, she's just nineteen.
Not a giddy girly never in a whirley,
Always late but never, never early.
She went to see an aunt -
And the last train home she caught -
Meant to change at Harwich - met a stranger in a carriage -
"What a smart young man" she thought - how nice!

Chorus:  She met him in the last train home - oh! Poor girl
                 He spoke of love in a lovely strain
                 The shortest show'r and the longest reign;
                 Told her the old, old tale with any amount of unction
                 She quite forgot where she was, and went right past her junction.

She looked at him from the corner of her eye
He said "ha! Ha!" She said "oh my!"
Spoke about the weather - bloom upon the heather,
Both agreed there was nothing like leather,
For railway sandwiches [Note 377.1]
And for boots and shoes as well
Talked about Romano'sº, and sultanas and bananas
Can you wonder that the poor girl fell - in love

Later on at breach of promise court
Big damages this maiden sought: [Note 377.2]
Told about the junction - not without compunction,
How he never turned up at a certain little function.
Oh! What a sad, sad tale
The jury's eyes grew dim;
Judge said in tones so mellow, "pay a thousand pounds young fellow"
When the maiden fair told him - just how -