Clyde Steam Boats 1818

A celebration of the early Clyde steamboats naming thirteen of them.

Now since we've met in social glee,
A new-made sang I'll sing, Sir;
I'll range the Steam-boats three by three,
Or form them in a ring Sir.

Chorus: Then haud ye blythe my hearty chiels(1),
               The Steam fu' briskly turns the wheels.

The Neptune and the Waterloo
Have been hot rivals lang, Sir;
The Defiance came to help the two,
As Helensburgh grew thrang, Sir.

The Albion has a towzy(1) snout,
The Glasgow's front is fair, Sir;
Lord Nelson follows in their route
To Largs - they aye gang there, Sir.

Dumbarton Castle flies in state,
In alliance wi' the Rothsay; [Note 666.1]
The Marquis is a vessel neat
An' trig(1) - I will the truth say.

Rob Roy with elevated prow [Note 666.2]
O'er many seas runs quickly.
And aye howe'er the billows row,
To Belfast port goes weekly.

The Margaret and the Clyde I trow, [Note 666.3]
Our grateful thanks may claim, Sir;
Be't late or dark, at ebb or flow,  
They bring us cheery hame, Sir.

Round Ailsa craig Britannia
Took twa'r three hundred folk, Sir;
T'indulge the travelling mania,
She anchor'd at the rock, Sir.

The folk in Campbeltown we find,
Are warm in commendation
Of Captain Wise, as wise and kind, [Note 666.4]
And worthy of his station.

But wat ye where has Marion gane?
She wasna here this towmond(1);
Anither course has Marion ta'en,
She's cruizing on Lochlomond. [Note 666.5]

One day we fill'd the Greenock's seats,
Quoth ane o' Mirth's ain cronies,
Whate'er horse-power the engine rates,
I wat they're souple ponies.

On market days, the Wellington
Is crowded like a fair, Sir;
The Comet like its namesakes grown, [Note 666.6]
Aye wanders here and there, Sir.

I hear the Steam-boat Robert Burns [Note 666.7]
Is building, this evinces,
That poets get a name by turns,
As weel as stars or Princes.

[Note 666.8]