Riding on the District Railway

Young lady's sexual encounter on district line with the implication that she is a pick-pocket.



A maid came to London just for a change
Everything she saw was new and strange
But the joy she'd hear, was most divine
Was riding through a tunnel on the District Line [Note 365.1]
     And so she bought a ticket
     Which took her through the wicket
And there she stood as many a timid girl has done
     The fare cost just a penny
     The carriages were many
So she jumped in where the door had on a great big "One" [Note 365.2]

Chorus: Sunday was the day and it was half past nine
                 When she took a ticket on the district Line
                 She felt a bit afraid
                 As it's lonely for a maid
                 To be riding on the district Railway

Lounging on the seat were two young men
And they both looked hard and smiled again
Then they asked her if a seat she'd take
And so she sat between them just for safety's sake
     The whistle from the funnel
     Announced they'd reached the tunnel
It got so dark she couldn't quite see where they were [Note 365.3]
     She changed her seat quite frightened
     When suddenly it lightened
They were kissing one another thinking it was her

When they reached the station one got out
Leaving her in most alarming doubt
When the young man spoke her fears grew worse
For all she seemed to think of was her purse
     And what seemed very funny
     She'd such a lot of money
Her purse appeared quite bulky in that railway ride
     The light came in profusion
     Imagine her confusion
For her hand was in that young man's pocket by her side.