Femme fatale shares foot warmer and then extorts money from hero.



[Note 328.1]

Last winter I was travelling upon the railway line
The passengers foot warmers had and I of course had mine; [Note 328.2]
When a charming little damsel, very cold, got in at Creweº
Said I "Pray Miss, this warmer take it's large enough for two

Spoken Said she with the most bewitching smile

Chorus :  Oh my I never can forget
                     The day when I first met my little charmer
                     My heart went pat-a-pat, as she opposite me sat
                     With her little tootsie-tootsies on the warmer

I felt a thrill run through me as my foot she slightly press'd
Her sweet and tender glances struck like arrows in my breast
The passengers leave one by one, till we alone remain
When my charmer pulls the check_string¹, and the guard¹ pulls up the train [Note 328.3]

The door was quickly opened, cried the guard "sir what's amiss?
Protect me says the lady "He's attempting me to kiss"
"It's false" says I "you naughty girl" the guard cries "please come out"
"I know you and you'll hear of this again without a doubt"

Next morning to my lodgings came a fellow six-foot-three
How dare you in a railway train, my wife insult said he
I told him I was innocent "ten pounds²" he said "you'll pay"
"Or a summons will be issued for assault without delay"

I paid the ten pound grudgingly, how dreadful twould have been
To appear in all the papers as "another railway scene"
So all young swells take my advice, on railways have a care
And don't invite each pretty face, your luxuries to share.