Queen's Second Visit

Bar645 [Synopsis] 


Prince Albert an' the queen thou knows thor heed o' a' wor nation,
They beyth com doon the other day, to open wor new station,   [Note 645.1]
Beyth rich and poor from a' pairts flock'd for ivory yen was keen,
Ti hev a look at them they keep, Prince Albert and the queen.
Tol, lol, lol, etc.

Sic noise an' clamour i' wor toon aw niver heard afore, sir,
An' cheps half drunk at thor awn expense, join'd i' the loyal roar sir ;
Subscriptions raised for fireworks, man, went fleein tip in the air, sir,
But Newcastle folks thor a' se rich for thor brass they dinnet care sir,

Twe bonny rooms they had fit oot for the queen an' corporation¹.
To blaw thor bags thor was ne doot when she landed i' wor station
Sic preparation, blow me tight, capt all aw'd ivver seen, sir,
They had twe pictures dune biv Scott, like Prince Albert and the queen, sir, [Note 645.2]

The folks they waited a' the morn, a' full of expectation
At last the queen iv a bonny train com ridin i' wor station,
A keelman chep amang the crood espied her in her glory,
He swore their Bet was a better like queen than ony Queen Victori'

Noo had she opened the pawnshops oot, she'd gat a greet main praise, sir,
And let the poor folks had thor awn, thor bits o' Sunday claithes, sir.
Or had she meyde the pants¹ run beer, aye, whisky, rum, or gin, sir,
She'd getten monny a hearty cheer when she left wor coaly Tyne, sir.
Tol, lol, lol, etc.

Or had she opened the kitty¹ doors and letten poor souls oot, sir,
They'd hail her like an angel sent wi' monny a loyal shout, sir,
Or had ehe opened oot her purse, she might dune worse, aw'm sure sir,
And left a hundred pound or se to help to feed the poor. sirs.
Tol, lol, Iol, etc.

Cuckoo Jack an' me, smash, on a greet hoose top we stuck, sir,
We nearly broke wor necas, begox¹, in tryin to get a luik sir ;
Prince Albert twig'd¹ us on the tiles, begox, how he did stare, sir,
He wished us a good efternoon, what could a prince de mair, sir.
Tel, lol, lol, etc.

May we elwa's hey what dis wor turn, as through this life we pass sirs,
And then we'll leeve like kings an' queens, if we nobbit hey the brass, sirs ;
May blessins tend wor canny² toon, wor mayor and corporation,
So drink success to working men, and wor fine Central Station
Tol, lol, lol, etc-