Parting, The

Marking the separation of two track maintenance workers after 30 years of friendship.

On the occasion of the parting of Robert Dixon of Stamford Crossing, near Little Mill Station, from his friend George Cuthbertson, with whom he had worked in the service of the N. E. for a period of over 30 years. [Note 579.1]

We've worked together now for years,
Encountered many a blast ;
And served our masters faithfully,
But we must part at last.

Thirty years since now, Geordie,
When we were in our prime,
We both could handle pick and spade
With any of our time.

Or who could shoulder better
A sleeper or a rail,
Or swing the hammer round their head.
To drive a bolt or nail ?

To swing a scythe or trim a hedge
(For goodness, hold your tongue),
I ne'er saw one we could not match
When you and I were young.

Those days are past and gone now,
We're going fast down hill,
I now must seek a fresh abode
Near the banks of winding "Till."  [Note 579.2]

We've worked together now for years,

But though we're severed far and wide
By moorland, stream, and plain,
To Providence we now must trust,
And try to meet again.

But if, perchance, this should not be,
And this our last adieu,
Be sure your old friend Robert
Will often think of you.