Oxford & Hampton Railway

A celebration of the new railway and the people who went to see it.

Oxford and Hampton Railway


O come and listen to my song
And I will not detain you long,
About the folks, they all did throng
Along the Oxford Railway.

chorus: Ri-fan, Ti-fan, mirth and fun,
              Don't you wonder how it's done?
              Carriages without horses run
              On the Oxford and 'Ampton(1) Railway.

And to go along the line
Mother, father, son and daughter,
Going along at one o'clock
By fire, by steam and water.

And from the villages and the towns
Ladies and gents all gathered round
And music through the air did sound
Along the Oxford Railway.

There's butchers, bakers, nailers(1) too,
And lots of gents all dressed in blue,
And they've all come to take a view
At the Oxford and 'Ampton Railway.

Now there's a girl in Worcester town
I think her name is Nancy,
She said a ride along the line
Would really please her fancy.

She'll go by steam, she'll come by steam,
By steam she'll unbehurried,
And if she do a husband find
By steam they will be married.

Now an old girl looking up the line
Said, "I don't give a farthing,
For they've pulled down me cottage fine
And taken away me garden.

Where I for many years did dwell
Growing cabbages and potatoes,
But worse than that my daughter now
Run off with a navigator(1)."

When line is finished at both ends
Then you can send your cocks and hens
And go and visit all your friends
Along the Oxford Railway.

You can send your butter and cheese
At any time whenever you please.
You can send your hens and eggs
And them can ride as has no legs
On the Oxford and 'Ampton Railway