On the Old Ellenny

Autobiographical account by an employee of the London and North Eastern Railway.


I started on the railway when I was just a lad,
You'd be amazed to hear me say the kind of jobs I've had.
They gave me cap and overcoat to keep me dry and warm
First I had to write and sign an application form.

Chorus:  A railwayman, a railwayman, a railwayman you see, 
             Since the day I started on the old Ellenny[Note 294.1]

When ten years on the railways, then they said to me,
You're going down to Enfield Town. A coalie you will be.
To keep those engines rolling, a job for you we've planned,
Those engines you'll be coaling with a shovel in your hands.

I got transferred to Stratford to keep the carriages clean,
To wash and wipe the windows and give the brass a sheen.
Though I am a carriage-cleaner, I'm very poorly paid,
So I applied to Bishopsgate to get a higher grade. [Note 294.2]

I've a grade at Bishopsgate, a carman with a mate, [Note 294.3]
Collecting and delivering sundry kinds of freight.
I almost am contented, I've still one grade to get.
The railways then consented those motors I could set. [Note 294.4]

Two years on the station spent moving round those loads,
I made an application to go out on the roads.
My application granted, now every day you see
Me driving round those London streets for the Ellenny.