New Steam Carriage Blown Up, The

The dangers of travelling by steam coach

The New Steam Carriage Blown Up [Note 271.1]

Have you not heard, O yes you must, about the new Steam Coach,
If not I do not wish your time to long encroach
They have the power, ten miles an hour, the road to run along,
As you shall hear, it shall appear, before I've done my song.

Chorus:  With their roll away, bowl away, so swift they fly,
                The rage for new inventions now, makes danger all my eye

It is well known that steam inventions have great mischief done
but who could dream that they could make a four horse carriage run
the coachmen swear it is not fair to take their trade away
but on they tear and never fear, and that's the time of day

John Bull(3) he patronises now, everything that's new
He never stands to think upon the mischief it may do.
There's such great rage, on this great stage of life for novelty
if it is new, it's sure to do, no matter which it be

To crowd the coach, all sort approach, to Windsor off they run, [Note 271.2]
And thousands on the road appear to bear witness to the fun,
When, strange to say, the steam gave way, with such a loud report,
That all will say they could not pay much dearer for their sport

The Frenchman swears by gar he tink??? John Bull is mighty civil
For to invent a steam boiler to blow them to the devil
The Israelite(1), his sovereigns┬╣ bright, has lost, and now he swears,
He wish the steam so kind have been, to have ended all his cares.

The dandy(1) now escapes unhurt & loudly he does praise
what all wise folk condemn, the steel within his stays(1). [Note 271.3]
The old maid is much afraid, she's injured now past care,
And wishes that a quartern(1) of sky blue(1) would be brought to her.

To see them flying in the air, it really was good fun, [Note 271.4]
to help them up out of the mud hundreds splash and run;
with broken heads and arms and legs, they make a pretty show,
Pray tell me who the devil would then in a steam coach go?