North Seaton Coachman

An aristocrat commissions his own coach to outpace the railway


Oh! Have you heard the news of l late,
About a mighty man so great,
Who lives, they say, on a large Estate, [Note 593.1]
They call him "the North_Seatonº coachman;"
They say he has ten thousand are you a year,
And if not so much, why it's very near,
With horses and dogs, and plenty of cheer
Has the Flash¹ North Seaton coachman [Note 593.2]

Chorus:  Wackem, crackem, splashem, go -
                   Go it my kiddies, and  jump Jim_Crow¹ ,
                   Clear the road, and let me go
                   For I'm the North Seaton coachman.

All he had ten thousand a year,
He was so miserable, he couldn't bear,
So he order'd a coach to drive away care
Did this crack North Seaton coachman.
To run this coach he then began
At a speed the Rail-road could not gang. [Note 593.3]
Says he, I'll beat the devil, if he will run
With me, said the North Seaton coachman.

The coach of clock- work and steam was made,
For which a large sum of money he paid -
I'll run every wheelbarrow¹ off the road, he said,
Did the bouncing North Seaton coachman.;
To apply for hire it is my plan,
Public opinion I don't care a d---n,
To do what I like with my own I can,
Without being ask'd, said the North Seaton coachman.

Oh, if you did but see the team
Which in his coach is to be seen,
They go miles an hour twice eighteen,
When driven by the North Seaton coachman.
What wond'rous things are brought to light,
Expedition must be at its very height,
For no sooner you're off than you're out of site,
If you go with the North Seaton coachman.

There never were such times as these,
When works of art do so increase,
That a coach could start to go without wheels,
And be driven by the North Seaton coachman.
Then if you've not this wonder seen,
And wish to travel to the sun by Steam,
Pray take your fare, and say you've been --
And remember the North Seaton coachman.