New Sang Tiv an Aad Teun

Suggested Tune  [648Notation]

Tiv yen that gi's attention,
A! what wonders yen can mention,
These time o' greet invention,
Upon wor coaly Tyne!
Wi' things yen's maized¹ an' blank, man,
Just like a ravelled hank¹, man,
Iv a heap like coals at bank¹, man,
To think o' aad lang_syne¹.
It puts yen iv a scurry, man,
Te be I' sic a hurry, man,
'Twad maffle¹ ony ferryman
Te be a tick behine.

For we aal noo bi steam, go bi steam go, bi steam go
We aal no be steam go upon wor coaly Tyne.

Thor's nowt but compound_engines¹,
An' boilers av dimensions
Eneuf te play the vengeance
Upon wor bonny Tyne!
They canna wait a tide, man,
Te get thor coals inside, man, [Note 648.1]
And the river's not se wide, man,
As suits thor steamers fine.
And the engineer bit lads noo,
Thor's nowt ashore that hads¹ noo,
Thor wiser nor thor dads noo,
The bonny lads o' Tyne.

For they'll all noo te sea go, te sea go, te sea go,
For they'll all noo te sea go, an' leave wor bonny Tyne!

Thor's nowt but me an' Fanny,
Maa aad wife she's se canny,
Sin' o' wor poor bit manny¹
He's left wor bonny Tyne!
Aw nivvor can misdoot him,
Sic brave ways he's aboot him;
But o' it's lone wivoot him,
That bonny lad o'mine!
And when the win' blaas caad, man,
An' when the weather's bad, man,
Aa pray for maa bit lad, man,
Te safe come back to Tyne!

For he wad te the sea go, the sea go, the sea go,
For he wad te the sea go, the bonniest lad on Tyne!