A dialogue between two neighbours

Good morning neighbour you see loaded this morning. I suppose you are going a journey!
Yes, I am going to London in a carriage without horses.
Then I suppose you are going in a truck or wheelbarrow as they are the only two carriages that go without horses.
No, no, neighbour am I going by the new steam carriage, have you heard of it? Why it goes 10 miles an hour up and downhill over hedges ditches and styles we shall go along like so many fox_hunters¹
Yes, and a chance if you don't go up like so many skyrockets. Fox hunters indeed, they are always hunting up something new, and what's to be done with all our fine coach horses! I suppose we must send them to the knackers¹ and sell them for cats and dog's meat.
Well neighbour I must be due a good buy for I'm in a hurry and I'll tell you more about it when I come back.
Come back you don't expect to come back again do you? I expect you'll be up in the clouds by tomorrow morning it's a great chance if you don't be blown up in a wiff¹: and you'll be out of sight before you can say Jack Robinson.

Hollo Mister, are you going to London?
Ees (sic) I be.
Well then make haste and jump up behind or we shall go without you
Go without me why you han't put your horses too yet
Horses why we don't use horses we go by Steam
And when shall we get to London?
Why we shall be there in the twinkling of a bed-post, come jump up for the steam is on, so make haste and away we go, drive on pilot for coachman are out of fashion.

A New Song,

Oh London is a funny place new things they all are trying,
The coachman they do stare so wild begin a sighing;
Force team is got to such a pitch to prevent your jolts or tosses,
You up to London now may ride in a coach with out any horses

Now furious driving's all my eye, it's all a wicked scheme, sir.
For if you want to break your neck, it must be done by steam, sir;
While over the hills and far away, we fear no jolts or tosses
You may fly along with coals and steam, in a coach without any horses.

A countryman went t'other night, and took his place for London,
But soon the Yokell fell asleep, while the coach was easy running
When he awoke he rubbed his eyes, quite free from jolts or tosses,
Why coachman why we almost fly, but dang it where's thy horses.

Why horses now are out of use, you surely are a dreamer
For we push along ten miles an hour, and all done by the steamer;
A steamer why I see some smoke, i'll tell you what my thought is,
That the coachman wish a jolly blow up to the coach that runs without horses

Coin dealers to (sic) will look quite blue, & you may shut your door up,
For horses now will not be found four to eat your corn up;
And thousands more they will deplore, 'twill fill their brains with crosses,
They'll curse the hour that first they saw, the coach that goes without horses