The President Steam Ship

Loss of transatlantic paddle steamer President.

Throughout Great Britain far and near
Of every degree
Who have long time been looking forward
With great anxiety
Hoping to hear some welcome news
But now their tears give vent
As they can now no tidings hear
About the President [Note 247.1]

Chorus: Oh! Now alas! All hopes are lost [Note 247.2]
And thousands do lament
For the absence of that noble ship
The gallant President

It was from New York she did set sail
Across the raging seas
With one hundred and twenty passengers
On board of all degrees
With hearts so light to meet their friends
To England they were bound
Little think they should never more
Land on their native ground [Note 247.3]

The largest ship in all the world [Note 247.4]
Was the President so fine
And she was launched at Limehouse
In eighteen hundred and thirty-nine
In sorrow no some de deplore
And bitterly lament
For friends and kindred who were
Shipped on board the President

Among the passengers and crew
On board did swiftly run
With joy to meet his native home
The duke of Richmond's son [Note 247.5]
But now all hopes are gone and past
We long have looked in vain
And thousands say she must be gone
She'll ne'er return again

Mr Power the comedian too
Whose widow weeps forlorn
Was bound on board for England
His engagements to perform [Note 247.6]
His absence has excitement caused [Note 247.7]
His friends do sore lament
And no one can explain alas
The fate of the President

Great Britain and America
In sorrow do deplore
And cry the fatal President
Will ne'er return no more
Some thousands while on beds of down
And quiet rest and ease
Do little think what they endure
Upon the stormy seas

No news at all can be received
Though many has been sent
All foreign seas for to explore
And find the President
It has caused some floods of tears to fall
Troubles and excitements caused
But now they say good-lack-a-day
The President is lost

But if to foreign shores she's drove
While friends in sorrow mourn
Soon may we see that happy day
They home may safe return
But fear gives us no hopes at all
Which makes us to relent?
What excitement through the world
About the President [Note 247.8]