Margate Steam Yacht (From London to Margate I took an excursion)

From London to Margate I took an excursion
For the sake of my health and in hopes of diversion
In a splendid steam yacht I took up my station [Note 242.1]
Among belles of the ton¹ and beauxs (sic) of the nation 
Two hundred or more were assembled together
Like bees in a hive in hot summer weather:
The morning was fine and the company gay
I thought on much pleasure the whole of the day

(Spoken) Weigh'd anchor, left the town at eight o'clock, all in tip-top
spirits, excepting my lady Finikin's [Note 242.2] lap-dog, who would not take his
usual allowance of hot rolls and butter and chicken broth.Gave him a
composing draught(1)  and put him to bed!
Bobby Fribble(1) ,an exquisite dandy from Bond Street, annoyed the
passengers much with his small talk, nondescript look and effeminate
voice. A British sailor accosted him with "What ship, messmate ?" - "I
don't know what you mean replied Bobby, - Jack said What do you call
yourself, a man or a woman? The sailor, looking steadfastly at him said,
 O, I see by the cut of your jib that you are a MIDDLE SEX man.!

The Cabin was in a state of commotion and fine
Where some were seen waltzing and some drinking wine
The black legs(1) at cards were plucking the pigeons(1)
While refined city dames were picking roast chickens
The Dandies were viewing themselves in the glass
And honest John_Bull³ was toasting his lass
Alderman Gobble of Turtle Soup fame
Was devouring of jellies to keep up his name [Note 242.3]

(Spoken) On passing the Nore¹  a stiff breeze sprang up, when most of the delicate
ladies aboard required the assistance of a female attendant. However
Mrs Wick (Widow of the late Deputy Wick) being a veteran in sea
voyages, continued full of spirits. Pray Mr Captain said she, have we
passed Cuck Hill's Pint? Cuckold's Point(1) Ma'am replied the Captain (in a
gruff tone) a long time since. Oh dear, says Mrs wick my poor dear
husband used often to go there!

Now Margate white cliffs were seen in full view
To town for a time we at length bid adieu
The pier now in sight - what delight filled each heart
To join the gay throng and new pleasures impart
Most females on board, except Mrs Wick
Had been seriously ill (I mean monstrous sick)
Off the pier we arrived, and from danger all free
We landed at seven P. M. In full glee [Note 242.4]

(Spoken) Getting on shore Bobby Fribble met with a disaster, as in stepping from
the vessel side he slipped into the harbour, but was taken out by two
fishermen who conveyed him to an inn, where he was put to bed: in
pulling off his boots and undressing him, it was discovered that he had
neither shirt nor stockings on; - however he had a shirt collar of
enormous size! [Note 242.5] It appears that a true and fashionable dandy generally
dispenses with such superfluities of dress!