Loss of the Governor Fenner

Governor Fenner sank in the Mersey following collision with steamship Nottingham.

[Note 231.0]

You tender hearted Christians come listen unto me,
A dreadful story I'll relate as plainly you may see
The loss of the Governor Fenner I'm sorry for to say,
With 124 souls on board for New York sail'd away.

Chorus: Christians all pray and mourn for those that have met a watery tomb.

From Liverpool in the afternoon at one o'clock set sail
On the 19th day of February with a south south-west gale,
In one thousand eight hundred and forty one as you shall understand
The Governor Fenner in collision came with the steamship Nottingham [Note 231.1]

The shock it came with such a force, the ships bows were stove in
Our Captain cried, he was afraid when to sink we did begin,
The shrieks of the crew and passengers would have rent a heart of stone
One hundred and twenty two have met with a watery tomb.

It happened at two o' clock in the morning as you shall quickly hear
The Mate and Captain Andrews were all who saved were,
And in one minute after to the bottom she went down
With 16 of her crew and passengers who have left friends to mourn.

The cries of young and old in agony and pain
The steamer's boats were lowered but 'twas all in vain
For they could no assistance lend, I'm sorry for to hear
For in one minute's time this New York ship did disappear [Note 231.2]

O! the fatal Governor Fenner, that ship of great fame,
For many years she has sailed upon the raging main,
And the crew when they did leave their friends and their home,
Did not think that so soon they would be under a watery tomb.

Now to conclude and make and end and finish off my song
May God protect those mariners who plough the watery main
Likewise all honest passengers who wish to emigrate
To New Zealand - Australia - or the United States.


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