Great Britain Stuck in the Mud

The grounding of the Great Britain.

Heave ahead and throw the lead,
You Liverpool blades, and Mark,
On a Yankee trip their [sic] sailed a ship
As big as Noah's Ark;
Such a ship before from Liverpool Town
Did never sail away
But in a fog she run aground
One night in Dundrum Bay

Chorus:  The Great Britain steam ship went to sea,
                  To Hoskins great vexation,
                  She ran ashore in Dundrum Bay,
                  To learn him navigation.

Captain Hoskin jump'd about the deck,
So comical and frisky
And thought instead of Dundrum Bay,
He was in the bay of biscay
The men did bawl the children's squall'd
At their unhappy fate;
An old woman open [sic] her mouth as wide,
Has any turnpike Gate,

Captain Hoskin to The Crew did say,
This job does sore afright us
Three times bad luck to Dundrum Bay,
And the devil take the light-house.
Some villain put the candle out,
When it did blow a gale,
By crimeny this is worse than when
Old Jonah swallowed the Whale.

The tug boats went from Liverpool,
Like old King Arthur's Fleet,
All in a row yo heave-ho!
We'll do the thing complete;
We will pull away in Dundrum Bay,
And sea and land surprise,
And the Great Britain steamship lift,
Five miles above the skies

But sad to say, near Dundrum Bay,
An old woman was benighted,
When do the Great Britain she did see,
Oh how she was affrighted;
It was a 92 and a half,
To stir she was not able-
She was put to bed with a lump of lead,
And a fourteen inch cable.

The passengers, all safe on shore,
Did get, and never grumbled
When they reached, so glad the beach,
One over another tumbled.
Being very glad to reach the shore,
Some on the journey started,
One jump'd right slap from Dundrum Bay
Buying into St Johns market.

Great Britain sailed on the main,
With bowsprit masts and Anchor,
Some sailors say, looks twice as big,
As the island Salamanca.
Captain Hoskin says he shan't forget
That night the dreadful hoakes [sic] sir
For he'll swear unto the day of his death,
It was done by fairies and ghosts, sir.

Captain Hoskin jumped about the deck,
And play'd some funny capers,
You'd have thought he was going to ballinafad
For a load of baked potatoes;
While she does lay in Dundrum Bay,
Says old Sir Peter simple,
Keel supply the Crown and l'pool Town,
With shrimps and pennywinkle.

The Great Britain to the tug ships says,
Come do your best to right us,
And when I float, the hole of my coat,
I won't I wallop the light-house.
He shall Rue the day, in Dundrum Bay
He hobbled me, the rascal
I'll knock his head to Bristol quay
And his body to Dublin Castle.

Prey Captain Hosken dry your tears,
And never act a noodle,
I soon will rise and soon will stear [sic]
To the land of Yankee Doodle.
And when to Liverpool I return,
Will have satisfaction,
And against the Cursed lighthouse bring,
A regular crim-con action
The Great Britain sad to say
Got into such a bustle
And run aground in Dundrum Bay,
Upon a heap of mussels.

John Morgan



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