Launch of the Great Eastern (Oh have you seen...)

Flight of fancy prompted by the great size of the vessel

Oh have you seen the wonderful ship
That now has made a street sirs
She is nearly twenty seven times
As big as Noah's Ark sirs
And as she rides upon the deep
She will set the waves a bubbing
They tell me she will nearly reach
From Limehouse Hole to Dublin

The great eastern will the world surprise
And when she is in motion
Her masts will sweep along the skies
While sailing on the ocean

Ten thousand troops she'll take on board
And sentrys to guard her
She'll have horses bullocks brewers drays
Fields meadows b-ls and gardens
With courts and streets built all complete
On board there'll be such capers
Churches on her after deck
And fields for growing tators

Our jolly sailors to the ship
Are in ten thousands flocking
The carpenters on board at work
Cant hear each other knocking
And when she sails from London town
So says each one whose seen her
Her bowsprit will be at the cape
When her stern's at St Helena

Large gin shops they will have on board
To deal in wine and whiskey
From (sic) as a mountain she will stand
When in the Bay of Biscay
Six hundred thousand blooming girls
They will keep on board all busy
So sing and prance -are up and dance
And jump jem along josey┬╣

If in this ship to take a trip
Goes husband wife and daughter
It will take a fortnight for to walk
He forecastle to her quarter┬╣
The weather will not her effect
Hail thunder rain or windy
She can take ten millions of troops at once
From Woolwich town to India

She is a monster of the deep
To describe her I'm not able
Eleven hundred thousand men
Can dance upon her cable
There is not a ship sails on the deep
In all the world can touch her
They say she will nearly reach
From London to Calcutta

The haste away this glorious day
To see this launch at least then
Dressed in your best so spruce and gay
And look at the Great Eastern
You never saw her like before
On land or on the main sirs
And you may be sure you never more
Will see her like again sirs.

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