Oh! heard he the sounds of wailing and sadness
On the shores of the north where there lately was gladness
The steamboats were seen o'er the foaming waves bounding
while with them there was joy as yon point they were rounding

On Thursday the Comet set sail in the morning
From Fort Williams shore she was quickly returning
To the Clide [sic] where alas she was struck by another
And sunk in the ocean to rise again never.

Now who has a bosom that ever new pity
Will feel for the mothers, the pale made of beauty
Who mourns for her lover, they weep, ah never
Will their tears wake the dead who are sleeping for ever.

A moment before, of joy might be dreaming,
And thinking on home, and a mother's eye beaming
With joy on the son she so she so tenderly cherished -
These dreams are all fled, and full seventy perished.

From a grave in the deep there were few that were saved;
Amongst them a mother of her child was bereaved
The hollow rocks rung with her heart's rending wailing
My child! Ah my child! She cried sad and despairing.

But who can foresee what can happen tomorrow
This moment in joy, the next full of sorrow
And when we least think there is danger surrounding
Then oft we have found there was sorrow abounding

Let's prepare for our change for time is uncertain
And we know not the hour, nor the moment of parting
For their homes they had left in hopes of returning
Are now scenes of woe, lamentation and mourning.