Kendal Fair

Describes  events at the fair and expects that people will use the railway to travel to the fair.

You servant lads and lasses gay come listen for a while,
I'll sing to you a verse or two that will cause you to smile,
Now Kendal fair is come again both young and old so thrifty
Will too with glee to have a spree in 1850.

CHORUS, So to Kendal Fair lets haste away to see such lots of fun,
                    Those lasses romping with the lads and playing at tiddle de bumb. [Note 205.1]

From Burnside and Stavely, the people they will come,
From Ambleside. and Windermere by railroad they will run, [Note 205.2]
From Stonecroft and Under Barrow, they will come with glee,
Poll and Fan swears they'll have a man for to have a spree.

There's Greyrig and Tebay, and Orton likewise,
Milnthorpe and Natland, they'll come of every size,
From Kirby Lonsdale they will come all in their frills and ruffles,
At Kendal Fair I do declare they'll have such stunning bustlesĀ¹[Note 205.3]

Now when they come unto the fair they'll wander up and down,
They'll take view of every place that is in Kendal town,
Some to copper lone will steer for to get a glass of beer, [Note 205.4]
But soon from there they'll retire for fear their bobbins should get fire [Note 205.5]

Then to the hirings they will go all for to look for places, [Note 205.6]
Some will hire to milk the cows, some to make cheeses,
Some will hire to hedge and ditch, and some to reap and mow,
And Sally Brass she's the lass to milk her master's doodle doo.
There's black eyed Fan with her frying pan will cook your eggs and bacon,
With beef and mutton roast and boiled if I am not mistaken,
She'll make the puddings fat and good, all ready for the table,
But if you grumble when she's done, she'll black your eye with the ladle.

So to conclude and make an end I have not detained you long,
I hope there is no one offended, that's heard my little song,
So lasses when you are going home pray with the men don't rustle
For if they shove you in the hedge you are sure to spoil your bustle.