Journey with the Railway from Pembroke to Strata Florida

Looks forward to country dwellers being able to get easily to markets and visit cities. Translation from Welsh.




[203 Welsh Text]


Puff, puff the train is starting,
In the morning from Pembrokeshire;
Here's an opportunity to go to Manchester
Or to any part of Wales and England.
     We'll sing the praise, fair Wales
     We'll sing the praise, fair Wales,
     Now to the magnificent and brave men
     For making a road for the Horse of Fire.

Here we are by Tenby station,
Passing Whitford presently,
To St Clears and Bancyfelin
Here we are in Carmarthen town.
We'll sing the praise, &c.

Success be to the two contractors,
For laying down the extra rail;
Now that there's a narrow gauge working
Coal and lime will come more orderly,
We'll sing the praise, &c.

Now to Bronwydd and to Cynwyl.
The old horse is puffing
Through Llanpumpsaint on its journey
In and out of the Tunnel.
We'll sing the praise. &c.

Here's Pencader station,
There are crowds of people here
There's the Junction, there's the Tunnel
Cross Inn Fach and Llanfihangel.
We'll sing the praises all together,
We'll sing the praises all together
Now to Davies and to Beeston
Duff and all the brave workmen

Here's Maesycrugiau station
The place where I used to play long ago;
We go onward through Llanllwni parish
There's a healthy breeze in Teifi valley.
We'll sing the praise, &c.

Here we are in Llanybydder,
Where I spent many hours of pleasure,
In the train I'm going to sing,
Come forward now to buy
We'll sing the praise, &c.

I have to climb on upward,
Over the river towards Lampeter;
That station is in a pretty place,
On either side of St David's College.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

We'll go directly towards Betws
There's the house of Beeston the contractor
We'll go to Llanio at full speed
Without having a pint in Lord Brougham's house.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

From there we'll go to Tregaron
Where we'll have a peat fire to warm us;
Some people from the town are coming here,
In order to buy the Railroad Song.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

Strata Florida is next,
I will alight here,
I shall go on to sing a little
To the inhabitants of Ystrad Meurig.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

Men and money go comfortably
With the coach to Aberystwyth,
In just a little while more,
Because of the song I too will be carried.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

They're working together,
Through the hanging rocks and trees
At Tynygraig there's a small tunnel
And an ugly place when you come out of it.
We'll sing the praise, &c.

Ahead there's a far more pleasant spot
Along Llanilar's little valley
But within an hour or two the river
Robs the men of a month's work.
We'll sing the praise, &c.

The Ystwyth River has to be placed
In a new soft bed,
Instead of cutting through the mighty features,
That join north and south.
We'll sing the praise, &c.

After completing it satisfactorily,
With two great gentry of the kingdom
Every class will be as one family
Visiting Aberystwyth.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

Through Machynlleth at full speed
The Horse of Fire will go to Llandinam
To Newtown and Llanidloes,
And back before the dark night comes.
We'll sing the praise, &c.

Before long there will be Excursions
Great fairs will be held in Tregaron;
Pontrhydfendigaid and Iwan's Fair
Gentle youngsters with come by train.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

Lampeter's Fairs will be filling up,
Llanybydder too;
There are two very excellent places here
With monthly markets held.
We'll sing the praises, &c.

I should mention Pencarreg's Fair,
Where Johnny speaks English
And says My dear Jenny
Come and have a glass of brandy,
We'll sing the praises, &c.

I should recall Llanwnnen fair
That almost went forgotten
Where animals are sold
On the second day there will be pigs and girls
We'll sing the praises, &c.

Let Davies and Beeston
Remember the old singers
By giving them a Pass to go to the fairs
In order to sell the Railway Song.

We'll sing the praises, &c.

Llanybydder DAVID JONES

PS GUANA is for sale from John Jones near Llanybydder