Johnny the Engine Driver

A young lady looks forward to marrying her locomotive driver lover.


[Note 201.1]



Some ladies love the sailors brave
That plough the salt, salt sea
While some prefer the soldiers bold
That's not the case with me
I love the valiant driver of
An engine on the line
And by and by I shall be his
And he is to be mine [Note 201.2]

chorus: Oh! My Johnny is the driver of a big Engine
              On the railway line Oh he looks so fine
              And on Pancake Day he's to be mine
              Is Johnny the engine driver

My Johnny's eyes are deep dark black
And likewise is his hair
And so's his face and hands sometimes
But for that I do not care
There's not a driver on the line
So brave and bold as he
Oh~! I am so fond of Johnny - and
My Johnny's fond of me

When my love starts on a journey
On the platform there I stand
First he makes his engine whistle
Then to me he'll kiss his hand
His engine puffs and blows and goes
And I watch till out of sight
And then I long to see my love
Come back again all right [Note 201.3]

There's not another man like him
Can make the engine scream
And can't he make an awful noise
When he blows off the steam
Along the lines at light'ning speed
My Johnny likes to dash
But lor! I often quake for fear
He'll some day go to smash

One day he quietly asked if I'd
His stoker¹ be for life
Or rather to be plainer, would
I be his darling wife!
So I promised to be the Tender¹ half
And he vow'd by smoke and steam
We ne'er should rail but keep in line
And make life pass like a dream