Jim Crow's Description Of The New Greenwich Rail-Road

Fantastical and mildly satirical description of the events at the opening of the railroad. Black face minstrel song. [Note 359.0]

 (Suggested tune see Music Comment)

Good people give attention,
And listen to Jim Crow [Note 359.1]
While him sing a little ditty,
'Bout de Greenwich Rail-road show [Note 359.2]

So if you wish to trable,
Jim Crow has found the mode
To go sixty mile and hour,
On the new Rail road

Der was such a lots of people
All sorts I do declare
To see this great big sight,
Lord? how the folks did stare.

I strated from de 'Delphe,
to de Borough, I declare,
And when I got to Tooley-street, [Note 359.3]
O dear what sights were dere.

Then first did come de Lord Mayor,
Beside de George and Dragon,
And de coach what he rode in,
Looked like a turnip wagon.

Nezt de Sherriffs in chay¹ carts, [Note 359.4]
With bellies like a butt(1)[Note 359.5]
followed by a sweep upon two donkies,
With a barrow full of soot.

The Lord Mayor got in de Steam coach,
But it would not move a peg(1),
'Till a pensioner, to make a fire,
Shov'd in h is wooden leg. [Note 359.6]

Then they flew along like Green(1)'s balloon,
Jim Crow ne'er saw such rigs²,
But on Deptford bridge, his Lordship drove,
Bang o'er a few old pigs.

And when we got to our journey's end,
It's true, I'm going to tell ye,
Dis mayor was a funny chap,  
Dey call him Massa Kelly. [Note 359.7]

When dis great man did see Jim Crow,
He looked quite bery fine,
He shook hands wid me and said,
Jem Crow wid me you'll dine.

Der was Misser Mayor and Missie Mayour,
And all the little Mayors too,
Dey came and shake dere hands wid me,
and say Jim Crow, how do you do?

We then return'd as we did go,
And dinner soon did show,
The great folks all observed me,
And said "your health, Jim Crow".

I eat and drank, I do declare,
'Till O could no longer stuff(2),
When Massa Kelly said to me,
"Jim Crow, you've had enough". [Note 359.8]

Of all de sights dats in de world,
You may believe Jim Crow,
Nothing was ever half so grand,
As de new Rail-road show.