Aerial Steam Party

As Aerostation¹'s all the rage
Among the simple and the sage,
I'll sing you just one little page,
'Bout our steam aerial party.
We took our places just at four,
Of eatables we had a store;
And all agog we were to soar,
And see what we'd ne'er seen before;
Then off we flew, and through the air
We took a speed no steamer dare;
Whilst all the folks below did stare
At our steam aerial party. [Note 163.1]

Our wonderment did soon begin;
The monument look'd like a pin,
The great St Pauls (I mean no sin)
Look'd like schoolboy's top¹, Sirs.
But all at once, it grew so black,
'Twas just like being in a sack,
For one we had at every back.
We then began our trip to rue -
E'n Mister Hanson look'd quite blue²;
For we were all soak'd through and through,
And up to the knees in slop¹, Sir.
As Aerostation, &c

Now, when the clouds began to clear,
We'd not a shadow left for fear;
And thought it best at once to steer
Toward the starry region
We'd all our glasses out to spy;
But ere we well could say good bye,
A kite¹ came darting through the sky
And took away our pigeon pie
Oh had we had a pigeon left,
To send dispatched to the theft;
But now our only prospect left
Was dying from starvation.
As aerostation, &c

The dreary night came on apace,
And moonstruck madness then took place;
Our high dears [sic] ('twas a piteous case)
Knew bought of consolation.
Our stars that nght, they did not shine,
Altough we thought them quite divine;
How ill-starr'd was their fate and mine,
That we were taken there to pine!
The comet then was coming by,
And struck his tail in Dobson's eye;
Which made him heave a fiery sigh,
Without his approbation.
As aerostation, &c

Now sad and piteous was our plight;
Boreas¹ howl'd with all his might;
Earth, moon, and stars were out of sight;
And all was dark around, sirs.
At length, with gladness came the morn;
And we began home to return,
To teach dull folks what they might learn,
If they had senses to discern,
But ere we yet the ground could reach
We fell into the deepest ditch:
Miss Nibbs look'd like water witch,
And all were nearly drown'd, sirs.
As aerostation, &c

We all got out, each with our woes,
With broken limbs, and soaking cloathes;
While all we met cried out, "There goes
A steam aerial party."
Oh, had you seen our mournful train,
Come through plough'd fields and pelting rain
You'd think of nothing elese again,
And all your limbs would ache amain.
To finish, we took chaise¹ and four,
Nor stopp'd till we had reach'd the door;
Resolved that we would go no more
As a steam aerial party.
As aerostation, &c