Hetton Coals

Celebrates the opening of the colliery and mentions the new wagon way built by George Stephenson

Hetton Main coal now is won [Note 153.1]
We'll all a' get drunk till we fall down
The water is hot but we a' weal knaw [Note 153.2]
But we'll tub(1) her beck(1) without a flaw(1) 

Chorus : Hetton coal is very bonny
               Hetton coal is best of any
               The water is hot we a' weal knaw
               But we'll tub her beck without a flaw

Hetton Main coal is round and good
It t[illegible] neither chips nor wood
But makes a fire both brisk and braw
Hutton's coal it bangs them a'(1) 

Our master Cockrine he comes te [Note 153.3]
Lads you've won the colliery for me
Good ale and beer you shall drink round
And we'll a' get drunk in Hetton town

Our machines they're strong and good
They're made of good metal and of wood
And they're weel man'd as weel we knaw
Hetton lads they bang them a'

Jowsey he comes swearing in [Note 153.4]
"Smash her down lads to the seam"
The seam is good as weel we knaw
Hetton coal it bangs them a'

Hopper and Stephenson┬╣ did say [Note 153.5]
Sharp your picks and hew away
Carve them round and make nae sma' [Note 153.6]
For Hetton coal it bangs them a'

Hetton colliery now is won
The waggon way and a' is done [Note 153.7]
The coals are shipping every day [Note 153.8]
Amang them a' they bear the sway(1)

Nesham's colliery and Lord Steward's te [Note 153.9]
Our owners can win a' the three
The coals they sell without delay
Hetton owners carries the day

Now to conclude and make an end
Of these few lines which Jowsey pen'd; [Note 153.10]
Amang them a' la Wear or Tyne
Hatton owners takes the shine(1)