Halifax Thornton and Keighley Railway

Anticipates the benefits the railway will bring despite objections to its building

Oh! After years of toil and care
With money wasted here and there
In seventy-three we did prepare [Note 148.1]
To get the Denholme railway [Note 148.2]
Great opposition did arise [Note 148.3]
And Corporations found supplies
Money and council, which surprised
The men who won the railway

Chorus: Cheering, steaming, puffing along
              Trains well filled with old and young
              Joining in a chorus long  [Note 148.4]
              Upon the Denholme railway

When the telegraph news it came
The old and young with joy was seen
Our band did play, the bells did ring
For winning the Denholme railway
The church bells rung a merry peal
Which did our bygone trouble heal
We did not then our joys conceal
For we had got the railway

When our new line is made we'll see
This village in prosperity
Upon that point all did agree
That worked for Denholme railway
E. Foster and J. Knowles did go [Note 148.5]
With other gentlemen to show
They wanted traffic to and fro
Upon the Denholme railway

Our local wants will be supplied
From market towns both near and wide
All kinds of goods will be supplied
To come by Denholme railway
Then good potatoes they'll roll in
From Morcombe fresh fish they'll bring
Salmon turbot Haddock or Ling
Upon the Denholme railway

Grand Cheshire cheese from farmer's stocks
Belfast eggs - in many a box
Will much improve our humble cots
Success to Denholme railway
The fruit of those who daily toil
Now fathoms down beneath the soil
Will come by rail our pots to boil
Upon the Denholme railway

Our large hotels of course will be
Houses of call for the gentry
Who come our moorlands for to see [Note 148.6]
Upon the Denholme railway
Cabs will drive both to and fro
The station, which will be below [Note 148.7]
For travellers our shops we'll stow
Who come upon the railway.

All friends around excuse my song
Which you may think is far too long
But facts I had to dwell upon
About our Denholme railway
In chorus all now join with me
Wishing health and prosperity
To the gentlemen who did agree
To lay the Denholm railway.