Grimshaw's Factory Fire

Come all ye country gentlemen
Come listen to my story;
It's of a country gallant
Who was cropp'd¹ in his glory,
All by a new invention,
As all things come by nature,
Concerning looms from Doncaster [Note 509.1]
And weyvin' done by wayter.

Chorus: Then, eh, the looms from Doncaster
                 That lately have come down--
                 That they never had been carried
                  Into Manchester town.

For coal to work his factory
He sent unto the Duke, sir;
He thought that all the town
Should be stifled with the smoke, sir;
But the Duke sent him an answer,
Which came so speedily,
That the poor should have the coal,
If the Devil took th' machinery.
Then, eh, etc.

He got all kinds of people
To work at his invention,
Both English, Scotch, and Irish,
And more than I could mention.
He kept such order over them,
Much more than they did choose, sir,
They left him land for liberty;
Please God to spare their shoes, sire.

Then, eh, etc.
The floor was over shavings,
Took fire in the night, Sir; [Note 509.2]
But now he's sick in bed;
Some say it's with affright, Sir. [Note 509.3]

[The rest wanting.]