Launch of the Great Britain

Oh Bristol is a curious place;
Fresh schemes they are always starting.
So I'll just tell you of some fun
Before that we are parting.
The Great Britain is to be launched,
With sailors bold well manned;
And thousands there to see the site
On the water and the land.

Chorus:   On the 19th day of July
                 The Great Britain she is launched
                 With soldiers Bold as we've been told,
                 They're the men that true and staunch.

Now down the Hotwells they do flock,
Rich, poor and old and young,
To have a site with all their might
Fit to break their necks they'll run.
To see her launched this glorious day,
There's bet so brisk and cosy,
And peg leg poll from Lewin's Mead
Will dance with Jim along Josie.

And then Prince Albert he is here
To see her launched on water;
And he has left behind at home
His royal son and daughters.
He'll treat the sailors ( oh what fun)
To rum, gin, ale so frisky;
He'll crack the bottles merrily
And they'll swiggle down the whiskey.

Oh when that they have launched her off
The stocks into the water,
They'll tow her down with sailors bold
And shout from every quarter.
Vale dance and sing and fiddle away,
Like devils prance and hustle;
A lady vowed she would be there
If she pawned her boa and bustle.

There's Red-Nosed kit from Temple Street
And dance with Mr Larket;
And bandy-leg Sue from West Street came
Are toddling down Old Market.
She swears she'll have a good blow-out
Of cabbage, greens and bacon,
Besides some taters and cauliflowers
And peas, if I'm not mistaken.

There's tailor's snobs and soldiers there,
With their muskets they'll have capers;
There's flitters with hot pea soup;
Mr Fobs with hot potatoes,
They'll have oh dear oh such a lark
When the launch it is quite over;
They'll drink success to the Great Britain,
The Queen her son and daughters

Last chorus : Oh the largest steam ship in the world,
                         Great Britain it is she,
                         And she is launched July nineteen,
                         Eighteen hundred and forty-three