The Great Western; A new song sung by the passengers aboard the unrivalled Atlantic Steamer [Note 142.1]


Merrily o'er the waves we go [Note 142.2]
Far far away from shore
No music half so sweet
As the noise of old ocean's roar
Merrily, merrily o'er the wave
I speed on the gale's swift wing
The surges round me ma- rage
And their foam to the skies they fling
Merrily oe'r &c

No earthly king can [illegible]
Or half my glory own
My kingdom is the mighty sea
And my gallant ships my throne
From shore to shore like some fleet bird
I cleave the sea and sky
To my merry men I give the word
And where're I list they'll [illegible ]
Merrily oe'r &c

I talk with the waves the wind and stars
I know them all by name
[illegible] world [illegible]
And ask not a landsmans fame
Away o'er the waves I fly
And leave the land behind
I [illegible] to view but sea and sky
And hear the whistling wind.
Merrily oe'r &c