Grace Darling (Roud V3152)

First Line "Oh! dearest dad, the winds are blowing" Parody of Roud V3151 (bar519)


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Oh! dearest dad, the winds are blowing,
Heavy the spray around us falls;
Some poor brave men may be in danger
Hark! 'tis the sound of duty calls
Light up the lamp ! and do so quickly,
Tho danger is near, the worst we'll brave
The tempest is raging but we are defiant,
And we will save them from their watery grave.

Chorus:  Oh! father dear, the winds are blowing,
                 Men in danger, and duty calls;
                 Bring out the boat, and let's get afloat,
                 And we'll rescue those men
                 As the darkness falls.

The father cried it's worse than useless-
We, the tempest to go and fight;
Go to bed my tender darling
Wait until the coming light,
But she cried, I cannot slumber.
Father! hear yon distant cry!
Whilse (sic) we here are quietly resting,
Brave men yonder p'raps may die.

They launch the boat in roaring billows,
And she comprised taht life-boat crew,
That gentle girl with hair all waving,
Pulled thro' the water brave and true;
The danger is great! She nears the vessel,
A shove off (sic) - joy to her they raise;
As she those gallant fellows rescue,
Oh she deserve (sic) the highest praise.

Chorus: Oh! darling dad, I fear no danger,
              I can fight the stormy wave
             And she, that gentle girl so noble,
             Went those helpless men to save