Grace Darling (Roud 1441)

 "Twas at the Longstone Lighthouse" Often called The Grace Darling song. Written in the 1880s

Twas at the Longstone Lighthouse
There dwelt an English maid,
Fare (sic) as the air around her
Of danger not afraid.
One morning just at daybreak
A storm tossed wreck she spied
And up spake brave Grace Darling
I'll save the crew she cried

Chorus:  And she pulled away o'er the rolling sea,
              Over the waters blue,
              Help, help she could hear the cry
              Of the shipwrecked crew
              But Grace had an English heart
              As the raging storm she braved
              And she pulled away o'er the dashing spray
              And the crew she saved.

They to the rocks were clinging,
A crew of nine all told,
Between them and the lighthouse
The seas like mountains rolled,
Cried Grace come help me father,
To launch the boat said she,
'Tis madness cried her father,
To face that raging sea.

One murmered prayer heaven grant us,
And then they were afloat,
Between them and destruction,
Were the planks of that frail boat,
Up spoke the maiden's father,
Etrun or doomed are we,
But up spoke brave Grace Darling
Alone I'll brave the sea.

They bravely rode the billows,
And reached the rocks at length,
And saved those storm tossed sailors
In heaven alone thoer strength,
Go tell the wide world o'er
What British pluck can do,
And sing of Brave Grace Darling,
Who nobly saved the crew.