Glasgow is Improving Daily

Come listen now both old and young
Eo (sic) what I am going to say
About the changes taking place
In Glasgow every day
But if they keep on changing
I'm very much afraid
They'll change the town from where it is
And leave us in the shade

Chorus Our city is improving
               Every day we all do know
               So long may Glasgow flourish
               And her sons where'er they go

With the union railway I'll commence
It extends across the town
Many a handsome building
For that change they have pulled down
The Theatre Royal they took away
In Dunlop street it did stand,
And built a station in its place
Where once they did the grand.

The directors of the railway
For to facilitate their trade
Of our ancient seat of learning
Now a station they have made.
For that venerable building
So famed for law and skill
Has got a change from what it was
It's gone to Gilmore hill

And the barracks from the Gallowgate
Will quickly get the rout
It will be changed to near Maryhill
There is but little doubt
And a' tho bonny lasses there
I'm sure will jump for joy
When they walk on a Sunday night
Linked with a sodger's boy

Next there is Paddy's market
That stands on the jail square
Will have to change its quarters too
Before our annual fair.
I hear they've took the city hall
Perhaps that's but a lark
But I'm told by good authority
'Twill go to the West End Park

The Albert bridge that spans the Cly[de]
Convenient to the jail
For architectural beauty
Attraction cannot fail
It's an honour to the builder
And a credit to the town
So long may Glasgow flourish
In great honour and renown

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