Stockton Bridge

Celebrates the Stockton-Darlington railway bridge, the passage of the Act that enabled the construction of the Stockton and Darlington railway; and the concomitant failure of a rival scheme.

Ye freeholders of Stockton town, [Note 422.1]
Who long have wished for its success
Come hearken while I shall relate
Those blessings we shall now possess

To make our trade for to increase,
The long-wished Act we did obtain; [Note 422.2]
Which I am sure would ne'er take place,
But for the noble house of Vane. [Note 422.3]

Now since its been our happy lot,
Our favourite bridge thus far to gain; [Note 422.4]
Those members ne'er shall be forgot,
Great Shaftoe and our noble Vane. [Note 422.5]

Our neighbouring foes they did us jeer, [Note 422.6]
When first the bridge we did express;
But see, they quake with trembling fear,
Since they heard Stockton's bridge did pass.

With all their spite they did oppose,
But their end could not obtain;
Those worthy members that we chose
For Stockton's bridge did still maintain.

In spite they said, money we want
Our famous bridge for to compleat
They thought our money, like theirs, was scant
But now they found their words a cheat [Note 422.7]

For many to our bridge are kind
Both Lords and 'Squires not a few
That we more money now can find
If we stood need, than would build two

Now Yorkshire men can take a Gill
whether the tide be high or low
And make their market as they will
Singing we heed not what wind blow [Note 422.8]

Likewise their servants thus shall say
Jack, to the coals, we fear no harm
We now can take a Gill today
Since Stockton's gainer far than Yarm [Note 422.9]

Out fairs with splendour we'll proclaim
Each trade shall flourish in this place
While Stockton downs her rival's name
And that they'll see in a short space

Then when the bridge is built we'll sing
Our foes possessed with grief and fame
Great Stockton bells with joy shall ring
Long life be to the house of Vane

Each freeholder I wish the same
That I may live to see that day
When Stockton's bridge will be in fame
Now wishing the bridge success I pray

To Darlington that noble lord
Shaftoe, and our darling Vane
A health well toss with one accord
Since our foes spite has proved in vain