Flashie Steam-loom Weaver

Now all you ladies fair, pray listen with attention,
It's the truth I do declare, that to you I'm going to mention
I was courted by a chap, a fickle false deceiver
Who has given me the slip, for a flashie¹ steam-loom weaver

Chorus: You all may know her well, by the description I do give her
               And she works in Kattein mill, does this flashie steam-loom weaver

She is not short or tall, but she is a little fattish
And she's what the people call, rather proud and pevish¹ (sic)
Gold earrings (sic) to (sic) she wears, with a necklace that he gave her
And she's full of ladies airs, is this flashie steam-loom weaver.

Now they say I'm getting fat, for my stays¹ I scarce can (missing word presumably 'tie') them
But there is a case for that, and my friends I dare not face them [Note 128.1]
If I'd send my brothers word, where to find that base deceiver,
They would send him home a bairn, to his flashie steam-loom weaver

Time and tide on none will wait, and the frost will try the pratties¹
I'll be even with him yet, he'll be brought before his betters
Half-a-crown² a week he'll pay, unto me for his behaviour [Note 128.2]
Or long he will not stay, with his flashie steam-loom weaver

To a nurse I'll send him out, if my child should be a laddy, [Note 128.3]
Untill (sic) he grows big and stout, and a sparter¹ like his dadgy (sic). 
Then wont I make him whack, his father the deceiver,
Who on us turned his back, for his flashie steam-loom weaver

There is one thing I do know, her own shifts² she'll have to make them,
And the wall wont get a blow, while she is there to take them.
And her uncle Mr Balls, he often must relieve her [Note 128.4]
She'll be out when the clubman¹ calls, on this flashie steam-loom weaver

So young lasses take advice, and the lads be sure to watch them,
But do not be to (sic) nice, and a husband try to catch him.
For once like you I thought, that my love was no deceiver,
Sad experience has me taught, for he's wed the steam-loom weaver