Sonnet on Steam

I wish I livd a Thowsen year Ago
Wurking for Sober six and Seven milers [Note 732.1]
And dubble Stage runnen safe and slo
The Orses cum in Them days to the Bilers
But Now by meens of Powers of Steem forces
A-turning Coches into Smoaky Kettels
The Bilers seam a Cumming to the Orses
And Helps¹ and nags¹ Will sune be out of Vittels
Poor Bruits I wunder How we bee to Liv
When sutch a change of Orses is our Faits
No nothink need Be sifted_in_a_Siv¹
May them Blowd ingins all Blow up their Grates
And Theaves of Oslers¹ crib¹ the Coles and Giv
Their blackgard Hannimuls a Feed of Slaits¹!