Falmouth Railway Share Broker

A broker sells shares he knows to be worthless


Capital Investment, Southern railway ware [Note 119.1]
Selling quite a bargain, Half-a-crown² a share [Note 119.2]

Chorus: Come, little boys and girls,
                 Full of fun and glee
                 If you'll try your fortune
                 Come and buy of me

Here's at least ten thousand, never handled yet [Note 119.3]
Such an opportunity, never more you'll get

Here's a traffic table so concise and plain
Written all in moonshine on a cloudy brain

Here's to good security, if you will enlist
But a little capital, hearken to the list

The first we've noble E-ls (Fame was never know)
The next we've noble L-ds (Titles scarce their own)

Then we've wealthy squires, spite of them who've hopped
Banker, folk and gentlemen' whose credit long has stopp'd

Money from the western to assist us out [Note 119.4]
And the bill is certain can any be of doubt. [Note 119.5]